Private Head Wrap Tutorials

Let’s Wrap!

Book your one-on-one head wrap tutorial online or in-person to learn techniques and styles for mastering your head wrap styles. 
  • Still fussing and fumbling over your head wrap?
  • Is the front bun the only style you’ve mastered?
  • Are you unsure what is the best material for head wraps?
  • Battling hair loss? 

From group head wrapping parties to one-on-one tutorials, Tafari Wraps is your one-stop source for learning the best material for head wraps, mastering optimal techniques to style your head wrap with faith and shopping head wraps for full functionality.

Trained by Chief Wrapologist Imani McFarlane, our knowledgeable team will guide you through your head wrap journey, unlocking 3 key-principles to wrapping the ideal head wrap for the office, fashion and comfort; choosing the best material for YOU, and bypassing safety pins, clips and pins.

If you’re ready to unwrap the answers to these pressing, "what do head wraps symbolize" and "do head wraps damage hair" questions and more!, our 45min guided head wrap consultation is for you!


In-person tutorials are conducted in our Boston Seaport Studio.

Digital tutorials are conducted via Zoom.

A calendly link will be sent in your order confirmation. Appointments are made available in 7 day time slots. 

45 Minute Private Tutorial

45 Minute Private Tutorial (Select Your Head Wrap!)