wrap with spirit

restore your dignity and uplift your spirit through the art of head wrapping.



family owned

“An incredible women and family owned and operated company with beautiful goods. I stocked up on masks for the whole fam… with matching scrunchies for me ❤️ Love their variety of beautiful styles, patterns, and the attention to detail on each. For the holidays, I gifted hair wraps and accessories for many on my list, they make gooorgeous gifts. Also highly recommend their silk scrunchies, my secret to beach waves 🤫. The best customer service - reach out and Del will help with styling, share thoughts on culture and cultural appropriation, and make you feel welcome and at home.” - Lisa

supreme artistry

“This company is incredible, and you can feel the care in everything they do. Their products are so finely made, the craftpersonship and artistry is experienced in every piece. Their vision as an organization is incredible and well-worth supporting. Thank you so much for the wraps, they made the perfect gifts. I have my eye on your housewares and those cushions, they are really eyecatching. Expect another order from me soon!” - Matt

obsessed with tafari wraps

“I'm OBSESSED with Tafari Wraps. When I was first introduced to this company I was very new to hair wraps in general and how to protect my hair and different ways. Not only did it allow me to express my style in different ways but it was super easy to use and style my hair. I know [now] own many wraps, headbands, and hair ties from Tafari! They have so many options to cater to all different styles, I recommend them to everyone now or come across!” - Stephanie

my new rotation

“Incredible fabrics and designs. Their face masks and silk scrunchies are on constant rotation and keep me looking cute :) Love supporting a local mother/daughter power duo!” - Emily

beautiful fabrics

“Have absolutely loved all of my Tafari Wraps purchases! Masks are super high quality and the fabrics are beautiful. I get so many compliments every time I wear them!” - Amber

exquisite pieces

“Exquisite fashion merchandise. Great designs with beautiful ambiance.” - Lorna



Faith (Imani) McFarlane, the founder of the House of Tafari, Inc. is an internationally-acclaimed designer, artist, master seamstress and educator with over 40 years of experience in high-end fashion, interior decorating, and sustainable home goods. Delmeshia Haynes is an educator, writer, set designer, and Wrapologist. She is currently the COO and Wrapologist at Tafari Wraps.

Together, this mother-daughter duo roots their mission in the holistic principals of Rastafari.




Be it a protective style for hair loss thrivers, a fashionable accessory, or the perfect solution to a bad hair day; here at Tafari Wraps, we strive to uplift your spirit through our unique educational Wrapshop℠: The Art & Fashion of African Head Wrapping.