Head wraps

Top-stitched, bold and restorative African inspired head wraps that promote healthy hair, fashionable styling and a long lasting and secure fit. Explore the depth of style in a Tafari Wraps head wrap.

Wax Print head wraps

Cut with intention and designed to last, our Wax Print Ankara head wraps are bold and unique, sourcing fabric from our friends in West Africa. We aim to uplift your spirit and restore dignity through each unique Ankara head wrap, available in assorted lengths to achieve varying styles. Shop our selection of Ankara head wraps online to find a unique design for you.

silk dupioni head wraps

Shop online for luxurious silk head wraps by color, fit, and style for you. Tafari Wraps' silk dupioni head wraps make for easy styling thanks to the naturally occurring slubs, which provide a secure head wrapping experience. Nourish your scalp, allowing for healthy airflow as you Wrap with Spirit™.