Two of Hearts

A balanced indigo checkered pattern of hearts and rectangles, there's no confusion where styling lies with this glam wrap. Ideal for wrappers seeking minimal fabric and maximum effect, Two of Hearts pushes the boundaries of what it means to love the art of head wrapping.

    • 100% Cotton
    • Approx. 45"x17"
    • Top-Stitched for Durability
    • Pre-Washed to Prevent Bleeding of Indigo
    • Machine Wash Cold
    • Do Not Bleach
    • Dryer Safe

    Created in small batches in our Fort Point Boston atelier using hand sourced textiles.

    Tafari Wraps encourages you to Wrap With Spirit as you restore your dignity and uplift your spirit through artisan tailored head wraps and accessories of bold, breathable natural textiles. When we Wrap With Spirit, we wrap with the courage of your ancestors and mirror our inner most selves.



    Exuding confidence, strength, regality, and creativity, to Wrap With Spirit is a proclamation of self-love. Restore your dignity and uplift your spirit through artisan tailored head wraps and accessories of bold, breathable natural textiles. Do it for you in secure silk dupioni and patterned wax prints. A motto and a lifestyle, share your true colors as you Wrap With Spirit!


    Intentionally naming our products not only summons the spirit of our role models who fought for Black liberation, unity, and joy, but naming our products with our eyes on the Black experience sets the tone for the thoughts, feelings and livity we desire as children of the Diaspora.


    A balanced indigo checkered pattern of hearts and rectangles

    We believe in the restorative power of color, as such we work with wax prints and silks that are vibrant, patterned, and bold, placing your joy centerstage.

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    So regal

    "I was thrilled to get my hands on this stunning headwrap. Watching all the tutorials totally inspired me. Can't wait to rock those headbands and feel fabulous!" - Tavida


    "When I was first introduced to this company I was very new to hair wraps in general and how to protect my hair and different ways. Not only did it allow me to express my style in different ways but it was super easy to use and style my hair. I know own many wraps, headbands, and hair ties from Tafari! They have so many options to cater to all different styles, I recommend them to everyone I know or come across" - Stephanie

    love it all

    "Have absolutely loved all of my Tafari Wraps purchases! Super high quality and the fabrics are beautiful. I get so many compliments every time I wear them!" - Amber

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    Be it a protective style for hair loss thrivers, a fashionable accessory, or the perfect solution to a bad hair day; here at Tafari Wraps, we strive to uplift your spirit through our unique educational Wrapshop℠: The Art & Fashion of African Head Wrapping.

    Since 2006, Chief Designer and Founder Imani McFarlane has been facilitating our Wrapshop℠, a hands-on workshop that explores the multi-faceted functions of head wrapping. From the artful manipulation of our wraps, to the spiritual relevance in practices such as Rastafari, participants will engage in soulful conversation to build an everlasting connection with a sacred tradition.

    Endorsed by The American Cancer Society