Crescent Wanderlust

Tafari Wraps

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Travel to Africa with our hand crafted leather and raffia crescent purse. Handmade in Burkina Faso by members of the Mossi Tribe, this crescent shoulder bag is a careful work of wearable art. Featuring genuine, hand twisted leather shoulder straps, Wanderlust showcases the landscape of Burkina Faso with careful imprints of the country's scenery and the resilience of the earth.

No two purses are alike in design.


  • Cowrie Shell Embellishment
  • Double Sided Imagery
  • Cane wrapped with raffia and leather
  • Hand impressed African motifs in leather
  • Bottom: 8" long, 4.5" Wide
  • Inside: Height: 12" Width: 13.5" Strap: 25"

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