Indigo Placemats & Batik Napkins: September 15th

Scrunchie Making

Stack 'em, collect ‘em or gift ‘em to a friend! The love we have for scrunchies cannot be denied. Funky in design and practical in style, scrunchies have become a collectors item, one for each of your favorite outfits, and wrist! Ankara cotton, silk dupioni, soft velvet, pillowy clouds of sheer; scrunchies are back like never before, and they just might be here to stay. Let’s get to making!

In this guided workshop with Tafari Wraps’ Chief Designer and Boston Artist Imani McFarlane, you will learn the steps to making your very own scrunchie from a pre-cut strip of ankara or silk dupioni fabric. A hit with the MA Girls Scouts of America, our Scrunchie Workshop is the perfect bonding activity for caretaker and child, friends and partners. This digital scrunchie making workshop is available for small group live facilitation, OR, you can purchase a kit and receive a link to a pre-recorded YoutTube video of Imani guiding you and yours through the process, step-by-step.

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